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about the journey

Nayeli began using the Wix platform in 2010.  She started to create websites for herself and then others.  She quickly went from Wix User to Wix Expert.  As time went on, she earned a few titles by completing Wix Ed courses and by other Wix Community contributions. In 2020, Nayeli was named an Ada Lovelace Awards Finalist for the Engineer category of developers (Women in Tech).

" She is my drive, my  inspiration and the greatest love of my life."

" I love teaching, but I love learning even more.  So if I can teach what I learn, I am happy."


Before Wix Code (was called Corvid and) was released to the public, Code Queen Nayeli had the privilege of exploring the early possibilities and capabilities that Wix Code had to offer.  Despite having zero background or experience in any type of code, she was excited to be a part of the beginning of something so sophisticated.  After a few months of continuous research through the Wix Code Forum and Wix Code Articles she realized that other users new to Wix Code were probably going to go through the same extensive path of overcoming the huge learning curve.  While a few people had their doubts and others accepted Wix Code with open arms, the Code Queen decided she would show everyone what Wix Code was really about. The idea that most people like to see answers instead of read the answers inspired her to create her trailblazing Wix Code tutorial videos on YouTube to share with the world.

"I have a different style of teaching.  It is less 'commercial' and more 'friend to friend' talk.  By imagining I am having a conversation with someone, it helps me keep it 'real'. "

what makes Totally Codable unique?

Totally Codable was created with the purpose of having a central and trusted place to find invaluable Corvid Code resources.  Having the right resources is important to complete any website.  The Code Queen has collectively created this website dedicated to the Wix Code Community.

It is no secret that many have tried to replicate the tutorials and walk-through's she has created, but the Code Queen style stays unique and her audience reach stays strong.  She was the first person outside of Wix to ever create and upload Wix Code (Corvid) tutorials on YouTube.  Her inspiration came from the fact that she was not able to find any articles or tutorials that matched her level of coding.  What level was that? The 'ZERO coding' level.  She suspected there would be many others facing the same learning curve so began to create videos and tutorials beginning from that level.

Her early 'zero coding level experience' code tutorials remain live on YouTube.  But why?  It was never about business or marketing, never about being a 'professional' content creator and never about giving false perception of reality to her audience.

" I keep my old videos on YouTube for multiple reasons.  At that point in my journey of learning Code THAT is how my brain processed this new information.  If there is even a chance that someone else perceives and absorbs that information in the same way, then I hope my videos guide them through that process.


It is also my own digital diary of my growth and digital proof that it really is THAT easy to learn code."

The Code Queen continues her commitment to provide the utmost knowledge and Corvid Code resources.  She continues to create Corvid support articles, Corvid video tutorials, online webinars and even offers private tutorial sessions for those who prefer a one-on-one learning environment.

How the community got created.

" I believe in the power of communities.  I wanted a safe space to encourage valuable help and guidance by real people.  "

Being a part of an exclusive Wix Design Expert's group, Code Queen decided to follow the same path to build her own Wix Code Community dedicated to Wix Code.  Believing in the beauty and power of communities, she created the Totally Codable Facebook group in Jan 2018.  The Code Queen has many followers on Facebook, hundreds of followers on the Corvid Forum, thousands of subscribers on the Code Queen YouTube Channel and the Wix Community YouTube Channel.    All of these outlets have one thing in common:  The Code Queen.  They are her digital footprint & digital diary that shows the growth of her Wix Code and Corvid knowledge. 

in the press


featured by Wix

"I beyond excited when Wix asked to interview me for a blog article.  I felt so honored to even be asked! "

From December 2016 until February 2019 Nayeli was Wix Ambassador for Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  The program was created by Wix and Nayeli was one of 80 Ambassadors that were privileged to have been a part of the world wide program before it was closed down.  She lead  Wix Meetups in her local community.

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In March 2018, Code Queen Nayeli was interviewed by Web Design Pro's about why and how she became the Code Queen.  In Appril 2018, her interview was featured in an Amazon #1 New Release book called "Expert Profiles - Volume 2 - Conversations with Influencers & Innovators".  The interview was also featured on YouTube.

In May 2018, Code Queen Nayeli was a guest speaker at WixCon Miami 2018. She joined Wix Experts from around the world to participate in talks with Wix upper management, Wix Ambassadors, Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami and Chief Architect Yoav Abrahami.  Nayeli was one of 2 people to receive the YouTube Leadership & Influencer award.


In April 2018, Code Queen Nayeli was interviewed by Wix to talk about her contributions that led to her success.  In May 2018, the interview was published in the Wix Blog post titled: 3 Online Professionals Who Chose Wix for their Businesses.

In June 2018, Code Queen Nayeli was recognized by Wix during their Analyst and Investor Day.  They briefly highlighted her journey on how she became a major influencer for the Wix Code (now Corvid) product.  It came to Wix's attention that Development Firms would book private training sessions with the Code Queen to train their developers on how to use Corvid.

In May 2019, Code Queen Nayeli was a featured speaker at WixCon New Orleans 2019. She hosted a Corvid Workshop to teach other Wix Experts how to quote Corvid projects even if code is a foreign language.  Shortly following the conference, Nayeli moved to New Orleans after falling in love with the city.

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