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article categories

Get to know our article categories.  Learn which categories are available to the public and which are available to Members only.  Be sure to click to follow a category to receive notifications of when new posts are created. Do you have a category suggestion? Feel free to email us your suggestions! Email:


blog categories

Let's explore!

code talk

Anything remotely related to Code will be found here.  Read about Corvid tips, business advice, short cuts, news, releases and other resources.

youtube tutorials

This is where you can find all of the code that was featured in our YouTube tutorials.  You can even replay the tutorials videos here!

codes & context

Paid Subscribers will be able to find variations of code snippets for different use case scenarios.  These short articles for advanced or intermediate coder


bug alert

This category is to help the community stay up to date on anything weird we or YOU have found on Corvid! Feel free to email us if you see anything odd or broken.

premium tutorials

Paid Subscribers will be able to find complete tutorials with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and sometimes videos. (Not seen on YouTube.)

troubleshooting tips

Sometimes human error is the cause of common code mistakes.  Use these tips to find and fix you error or determine if you found a bug in Corvid!


elements 101

Get to know the each of the elements found in the Wix Editor.  Find out which ones are optimal for mobile, recommended by the Code Queen or and which ones are not!

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