Marianne Borozny

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Marianne Borozny

Marianne Borozny came to web design by accident. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and Master’s degrees in Education and Counseling. When she retired from middle school teaching in 2014, she knew that her next career would incorporate her love for photography, design, and empowering others.

One day, Marianne’s husband asked her to build a website for his multi-pediatrician practice. Although she had built several nonprofit and teaching websites, she avoided the project, because she didn’t really want to mix work with family. Around the same time, she was thinking about creating a website for a side project, a family cookbook. Finally she caved and started the pediatric website in Weebly, but then decided to try Wix. Marianne was absolutely blown away by the templates and design features Wix provided! Another bonus was that Wix worked in a way in which her brain worked. So she created the second mock-up and sent both to her husband’s staff. Wix was the clear winner.


The rest is history: Marianne finished her first (paid!) Wix site on September 16, 2015, and by the next day, she enrolled in the WixEd Certified Webmaster program.

Now Marianne combines her love for photography, design, and teaching along with her computer skills to design Wix websites, develop coding skills, and share her knowledge with clients, high schoolers, and other designers.