Yohell Collado

YC Graphics Studio

Yohell Collado

Yohell Collado is a self taught Graphic & Web Designer and currently the lead

Creative Designer for YC GRAPHICS STUDIO ... a creative branding studio offering a la cart web design, visual brand development + creative design services

to small businesses, entrepreneurs,  solopreneurs and non-profit organizations. 

Our mission is to partner with Entrepreneurs & Business Owners in a variety of industry sectors To assist them in leveraging their visual brand and aesthetics in the marketplace.  We strongly believe that a first impression is a lasting impression. In this visually saturated generation we live in, it is imperative to have a streamline personal or business brand to maintain leverage against

big budget entities.


Yohell is a Christ Follower,  happily married to Gladys & is the father of a 3 yr old boy who he loves dearly! Loves to sing, loves children and standing up for the marginated people of our society and being a voice to those who have not found theirs!