David Bower

Memorable DVD

Memorable DVD

I started designing and creating websites out of necessity.  After realizing I needed a website for my business, I started researching and learning on my own.  I started with using a desktop program and my domain's FTP to design and update my website.  This worked for a few years until the mobile boom hit.  Once the popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices took off, I realized I needed something new.  My site looked horrible on anything but a desktop.


That's when I found Wix.  It was love at first site (get it?).  The ease of use and the ability to create a mobile-friendly site had me hooked from the beginning.  My own site has now gone through multiple redesigns.  I never saw myself as a designer until I found Wix.  Wix has allowed me to bring my fun and energetic design process to my clients.  Wix allows me to create a website that brings increased business to my clients.


I'm always willing to help others with their Wix website.  Whether you have a Wix website started and are stuck or need a completely new website created, I am always here.  Feel free to check out my website at www.memorabledvd.com/dynamic-website-design.

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