Maria Boitos

Discover Pro Design

Discover Pro Design

I started working and actually making money from pure passion and the desire of wanting to learn more. Everything started very innocent when I was about 10 years old and I created my blog about a game I was playing. There were many other blogs about it, and their design attracted more readers, so I started to improve my blog's design by myself. I downloaded Photoshop and started doing buttons and banners. 

Shortly I discovered my passion for these things and I started working as a freelancer. With every project I was learning increasingly more things in more programs. In the beginning I made no money and invested a lot of time working on over 400 unpaid projects. 

I never thought that I could actually made some money out of it, I was just very passionate. I was young at the age of only 12 that time. In 2 years, I ended up designing websites, prints and even editing photos and videos, and I am loving it! After I earned some money and I kept my passion alive. I used to design website in Photoshop and work with developers that would actually build them, until I found Wix and my life changed!

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