Nayeli Gomez

Code Queen

My name is Nayeli. I have accomplished 10 Wix titles through my expertise since 2010. I am a Wix Ambassador for Rio Grande Valley (in McAllen Texas). I am a Wix Certified Trainer, Wix Certified Webmaster, Wix Design Expert, Wix Arena Designer, Wix Alpha Tester, Wix Beta Tester, Wix Arena Pro, Wix Tribe Leader, WixCon Guest Speaker and Wix Code Expert.


I have been using Wix Code since it was in the Alpha stage before it was released to Beta testing. I enjoy making free YouTube Tutorials on Wix Code. I designed and created to share Wix Code knowledge with everyone.


I invite you to watch my videos on my channel.



My videos are also featured in the Wix Community YouTube channel.



If you are looking for private tutorials and/or help with design or Wix Code work on new or existing Wix websites, please visit my Wix Arena Profile:


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