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Join the most trusted Corvid Community built  by the Corvid Expert that is most followed on the official Corvid Forum by Wix who has created the easiest Corvid Code Tutorials found on the web with easy and creative Corvid Code Examples.

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" I give my knowledge in hopes it reaches every corner of the world."

what is corvid

This playlist will brief you with the basics of corvid and how to start using it.

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timed content tutorial

Learn how to schedule content based on Day of the Month, Time of day or by randomization!

navigation using dropdowns

Trigger navigation to a specific page by using a dropdown element and a little bit of code.

"I have a different style of teaching.  It is less 'commercial' and more 'friend to friend' talk.  By imagining I am having a conversation with someone, it helps me keep it 'real'. "

what makes Totally Codable unique?

wix community

The Wix Partner Community is the most inspiring and cohesive group you will find on Facebook.  It is one of the many reasons why this website was created.  Code Queen Nayeli wants to give back to the community by highlighting a few Wix Experts.

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