Programs Created by Wix

  • Anyone can join via their Wix dashboard.  
  • Earn Points from creating or collaborating premium Wix sites.
  • Classic sites earn you 100 points.
  • Editor X sites earn you 300 points if owner and 100 points if collaborator.
  • Velo Certified earns 100 points.
  • Lose Points when a site no longer has an active premium plan.
  • When a site premium has been re-activated after expiration you must submit the site again.
  • Lose Points when you are removed as a site contributor
  • Tier Levels Recognition Levels:  Explorer (0 points), Pioneer (400 points), Creator (1000 points), Icon (2000 points), Legend (5000 points)
  • Team Management & Dashboard
  • Partner Resources
  • Priority Support  Pioneer +
  • Product Betas  Pioneer +
  • Ascend Tools  Pioneer +
  • Client Billing  Pioneer +
  • Partner Badge  Creator +
  • Marketplace Eligibility  Icon +
  • Dedicated Acct. Manager  Icon +
  • Custom Branding Icon +
  • Revenue Share Legend
  • Wix Blog Pitch Legend
  • Custom Solutions Legend
  • On Site Training Legend
  • Eligible to join Partners FB group where you can interact with other Partners and Wix Product Managers.
  • Access to Alpha and Beta testing
  • Must apply to join.
  • Exposure on Showcase page
  • Exposure on Community Blog
  • Exposure on unspecified YouTube Channel
  • Community Leaders Badge for your own digital footprint
  • Insider swag and other unspecified perks
  • Get access to Product Experts
  • Must host meetups locally or online
  • Speak at conferences or events
  • Possibility for Wix to organize and sponsor events on occasion
  • Must Create videos, tutorials, blog posts and more on Wix community forums and groups
  • Must Promote Wix on Social Media and other design communities
  • Actively moderate forums and groups
  • Actively answer questions in forums and groups
  • Must commit a few hours a month to servicing the community
  • Must contribute to private Slack community at least once a week
  • No extra revenue share.
  • Volunteer position. Not a paid job.
  • No official opportunities for compensation.
  • You can be a part of the Community Leaders Program and not be in the Partner Program or the Velo Masters program.
  • There are 2 Community Leaders Programs running independently (same details) Velo and Editor X
  • Must apply to join.
  • No tier level recognition.
  • Must be active in an online JS/Velo Community (Velo Forum, Partners FB, StackOverflow, etc)
  • Must create Velo related content
  • Participate in webinars or TechTalks
  • Direct communication with Wix Product Managers and Developers
  • Invitation to private Wix Slack group
  • Early Access to Alpha's and Beta's
  • Encouraged to report bugs to Wix
  • Encouraged to answer questions in Velo Forum
  • Encouraged to create community content
  • Expected to participate in feedback sessions with Wix
  • Exposure available on showcase page
  • Volunteer position. Not a paid job.
  • No revenue share.
  • Velo Masters Badge in the Velo Forum only. No badge for website.
  • Not required to be Velo Certified
  • Must be experienced Velo Developer


Wix Partners is a community for people who are pushing the limits of the Web as we know it on the Wix Platform. The members of this group create, design, and forge websites for others. Although there are varying degrees of expertise in this group, the primary defining characteristic is that the members imagine and create for others as a profession.

You will need to verify you are a Wix Partner before gaining entry into this group.

Hot Links:
Join the Partner Program: https://www.wix.com/partners-dashboard

Partner FB Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WixPartners/

Partner Support:
Open a ticket in your Partner dashboard for VIP Partner support! :)